Study In Switzerland

Study In Switzerland

Switzerland is a wonderful place. It’s a place for mixing business with chocolate, skiing and expensive watches, but it is also an amazing place to study. Studying in Switzerland offers a European experience in a developed, yet diverse country. With a variety of nations bordering the country, it’s a cultural melting pot, which makes it great for an inspiring study experience.

In total there are 12 general universities located in Switzerland and a smaller number of science and research specific institutions. Switzerland is home to the highest ranking university in Continental Europe (according to the QS World University Rankings 2016), with a total of 4 ranked in the top 100 and 8 in the top 200. There are many reasons why you should consider studying abroad in Switzerland.

In 2009 more than 49,000 international students were studying in the institutions in Switzerland. The information below will help you to understand why such a huge number of students chose to move to Switzerland for university studies.

Switzerland regards education as hugely important in the day to day success of the country, and believes it is essential for its stability in terms of politics and its increase in wealth.

There are a number of institutions which focus on specific subjects, making them highly specialized and an excellent choice for anybody who wants that extra focus.


Courses in Switzerland at undergraduate level are most commonly taught in German, Italian or French, but English-language course are more common at Master’s level. Undergraduate level courses in English are slowly expanding, especially at universities of applied science.

There are many advantages to studying in Switzerland, from generous fees to the possibility of work without requiring a permit. There are also many attractions which draw in tourists every year and you can make the most of them as they will be on your very own doorstep.


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